Online Spell Checker – 7 Things it Can Do For You!

Everyone who uses a computer does writing, and English has become the international language of business and other communications. There is now a corrector Catalan that not only corrects your spelling, grammar, punctuation, or sentence fragments but improves every aspect of your writing in a matter of a mouse click or by pressing the F2 key. These are some of its most helpful features:

  1. Uses an advanced process called Natural Language Processing, which compares your writing to a large database of correctly written texts. This allows it to correct your errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  2. Works with all commonly used programs used for writing, such as MS Word, Outlook, and desktop text programs.
  3. Can be used for any kind of writing a document –letters, emails, reports, term papers, even novels.
  4. Increases Your Vocabulary –acting as an online thesaurus, this software can suggest new or better words or phrases as you write, instantly giving you a larger vocabulary.
  5. Checks spelling in context –so that it will catch more errors than a typical spell checker that cannot tell if you are using a real world in the wrong way (such as “too” instead of “to”).
  6. Speeds up your writing tasks –giving you more time to get your work done. Automatically checks your writing, so it’s like having a proofreader in your computer.
  7. Improves your English –as it corrects your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, you can learn to become a better writer.

These are just some of the ways an online spell checker can make your life easier!