Do Your HR Initiatives Treat Your Employees As Valuable Assets?

Business leaders often say, “Our most important asset is our people” or “Our employees are our strength.” Think about it. If HR programs and processes were improved at your workplace, would your business experience growth? Would morale be improved? Would you have less turnover and absenteeism?

To clarify terminology, The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has developed this explanation, “An HR audit measures HR effectiveness and efficiency and demonstrates the value of HR in helping an organisation meet its strategic goals. The main functions of an HR audit are to:

  • Help organisational decision-makers understand what is happening with various human resource activities.
  • Allow HR managers to determine programs/positions to eliminate/enhance.

A qualified Virtual Assistant (VA), credentialed and specializing in HR Services, will lead your business through the steps in an HR Audit. The VA acts as an unbiased evaluate, using objective criteria and assessment instruments to measure and review the management and performance of your HR initiatives. A systematic study can focus on one part of your program, or it can include all of the following:

  • Your organisation’s overall design and structure
  • How HR functions are handled in your organisation (i.e., payroll, benefits, salary administration, performance review, recruitment and selection, training, labour relations, professional development, safety, etc.)
  • Legal compliance and documentation
  • Employee morale and job satisfaction.

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are independent entrepreneurs providing professional administrative, creative, managerial, technical, business office and personal support services. . Virtual Assistants work from their own offices, on a contractual basis, and abide by an established Code of Ethics requiring integrity, honesty and due diligence.

Discover if your HR program and initiatives treat your employees as valued assets!

The results of your HR Audit will indicate strengths and weaknesses in your employee policies, procedures, documentation, systems and practices. The findings will identify issues needing resolution or potential change. Your VA will work with you to develop a work plan, a strategy for handling follow-up and correction. Did you know what is Payboy? It’s Payboy HR management system and it’s also the best system of Software for payroll.