Learn to Read the Bible Effectively – We Are Running Out of Time, What Does the Bible Say?

Time is restricted. We just have a specific measure of it. Ecclesiastes part three discloses to us that there is a period and a season for each reason under paradise, yet it is restricted. There is an opportunity to be conceived and a chance to bite the dust and a restricted measure of time in the middle. It proceeds to disclose that to would whatever you like to would at whatever point you like to do it simply doesn’t work. There is a period and a spot for all things – various occasions and better places for various exercises.

Further on in Ecclesiastes (Ecc 7:13-14) we are informed that there will be times that will be acceptable and there will be times that will be troublesome and that God gives all of us both great and troublesome circumstances in life to make us stop and consider what is truly significant throughout everyday life and what we ought to and shouldn’t do with our assigned life expectancy.

In Ecclesiastes section nine the message is truly fortified. We are reminded that we can kick the bucket whenever quickly. We don’t have the foggiest idea when it will occur. We just get one shot at life so we are urged to get up and take advantage within recent memory, work out what we truly need to do and get in and do it in light of the fact that “there is no work or gadget or information or shrewdness in the grave where we are going” (Ecc 9:10).
Since our time is restricted it is basic that we invest some of it figuring out how to read the Bible appropriately so we can discover what God genuinely needs from us.