Wide Baby Gate and Other Kinds of Baby Gates

When deciding on getting a baby gate, you should know the different types there are available because they can be used and installed in different manners. You can find all types of baby gates such as wide baby gates with door which is used if you have a spacious entry and exit points. You can also opt for a narrower baby gate when the space is limited. However small or wide your area is there is always one bay gate that is suitable for your place.

The most convenient and probably the easiest type of gate to install is a pressure-mounted gate. It does not require any tools when you what to mount it. It can be used as a temporary harness or a permanent one. You can easily transfer a pressure gate from one area of your house to another. An important reminder though is to never use this type to be installed on top of the stairs since it is not secured firmly against the wall; it can become loose and may cause accidents.

The most appropriate type of gate you can install on top of your staircase is a hardware-mounted gate. It is secured in place with the use of a screw and it is drilled into the wood panels thus making it very sturdy. A hardware-mounted gate takes time to install but once it is mounted it provides easy access since it swings open just like a door and can be locked securely.

Another type is a free-standing gate. It places the child inside the gate thus he has a space on his own. He can’t wander around and you know he will stay in the area as long as you keep him in.

Safety baby gates are very helpful items in keeping your child safe, but you should still check on your child every now and then just to make sure they are kept in an area where they are supposed to be.